Skale CTO: Ethereum’s strength is the ecosystem, not its roadmap

20. Juni 2020

In the second part of the interview with Skale Network’s CTO, Konstantin Kladko explained why he thinks Ethereum (ETH) is more than just the roadmap for Eth 2.0, and what he thinks is the best use case.

Kladko is explicit about the failures of other second layer solutions, although Skale itself is partially dependent on Ethereum. As Kladko explained:

„Our token exists [in Ethereum]. When it registers nodes in Skale, it registers them through ETH. We probably have the largest set of smart contracts on the ETH main grid.

This architecture is consistent with Kladko’s view that the ecosystem behind Ethereum is, at this point, „an unstoppable bulldozer“ and that „it is now virtually hopeless and useless to compete with Ethereum“.

Ethereum’s second-layer solutions lack real-world usability, according to Skale’s CTO

The Google moment
Kladko recounted an episode in his life since 2000, when he was working at Stanford:

„A friend of mine […] came to my office and […] showed me Google. And the moment I saw this, the moment I wrote the search query, I saw that it was a hundred billion dollar company.

„Sometimes in life you get this feeling,“ he added, citing Steve Jobs‘ 2007 iPhone presentation as another case in point.

Crypt traders are making long positions with Ethereum (and not much more than that)
For Ethereum, the same thing happened at Devcon 3, a conference held in November 2017. „It was clear to us that even at that time, Ethereum had incredible momentum,“ he said.

For Kladko, momentum and community are the only things that matter to an ecosystem. „Technology can always be fixed,“ he added.

Ethereum 2.0 doesn’t really matter

When asked about how Ethereum 2.0 and its delays relate to the „unstoppable digger„ theory, he compared it to some programming languages such as Java, which despite regularly taking twice as long as planned between releases, was able to impose itself on the market. Continuing the analogy, he said:

„So I think that’s the same story with ETH. It doesn’t really matter. They will probably have delays because they are all ‚mature and open source‘ types, but in the meantime, startups like ours will help. You’ll be able to do a lot of things at ETH 1.0 plus Skale.