Hackers hacked into Trump’s website and placed wallets to collect crypt currency

28. Oktober 2020

Unknown persons suggested that the public should send them digital money in order to vote on whether to publish „classified information“. According to it, the current US government was allegedly involved in the emergence of the coronavirus.

The hackers hacked into the website of US President Donald Trump’s campaign headquarters and left a message on it that they were able to access „classified information“. The data allegedly prove the involvement of the US government in the „emergence of the coronavirus“ and Trump’s conspiracy with other states to change the election results.

Unknown persons on the campaign headquarters Bitcoin System review website also left the addresses of two Monero cryptographic wallets. One of them was intended for those who wanted to make ’secret information‘ public, while the other was for those who wanted to keep information secret. The hackers promised to calculate the sums collected and, based on this, decide how to deal with compromising data.

„The time has come to let the world know the truth. Several devices were hacked that gave full access to Trump and his relatives,“ the hackers said.

This is not the first attempt by criminals to make money on Trump’s identity. In May, REvil’s extortionist hacker group promised to publish 756 GB of data, including the „dirty secrets“ of US President Donald Trump. Attackers demanded a $42 million payment from Bitcoin or Monero.