Crypto myth: Ether mining with PlayStation 5 is not yet possible

2. März 2021

GizChina said that a software developer used the Playstation 5’s CPU and graphics card for crypto mining.

While some game consoles could be rebuilt and used for mining cryptocurrency, there is evidence that recent reports of a modified PlayStation 5 used to mine Ether ( ETH ) are fake

According to a report by the news portal GizChina, the Chinese software developer Yifan Gu has mined Ether with a PlayStation 5 . The report claimed the developer overclocked the AMD Ryzen CPU and AMD Radeon GPU cards on the PS5. He is said to have achieved a mining hashrate of 98.76 megahertz per second. A screenshot by Gu showed that the modified hardware needed 211 watts of electricity to operate.

However, the screenshot published by the developer contained a QR code message that said the story was only for entertainment: „There is no such software,“ it said. This was followed by a laugh

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in November 2020. However, the company said it would not release the console in China until the second quarter of 2021. Given that the PS5 is in high demand around the world and travel options are limited due to the pandemic, it would have been surprising if a developer like Bitcoin Circuit could source and modify a console so quickly.

You can mine crypto at home with modified PCs and game consoles or devices directly from mining manufacturers. But the energy demands and costs involved, as well as other specific risks, discourage many from doing that. Some use high-end graphics cards in their facilities to make mining more fun. There are already quite a few mining enthusiasts out there who have portable farms built into their cars.

Last year, the developers at 1st Playable denied rumors that one of their games could be used to hack the Nintendo Switch to mine BTC.